surface technology is our business

For more than 30 years the name IBK stands for quality without compromises.
Sophisticated constructions with minimum need for service and a premium
product design vouch for longest standing times and production safety.

The possibility to combine many of our hardware is completed with our
individual manufacturing of complete extraordinary system solutions.

Our website offers to you a first look about our business - surely we like to
talk to you in a personal way and show you all of the special features,
our technology and our flexibility can provide to your business.
We would be pleased to be contacted from you.


IBK hardware and service

• Made In Germany, high quality constructions and manufacturing
• Stainless steel (VA) for all material leading parts
• Design without compromises, needs minimal service
• Individual manufacturing of special or custom parts
• Premium service for our distributors
• Direct and competent contact

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visible quality

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